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Hex tile graphic assets. 

Each Hex tile in separate file, 72x72x32.

Grass (5 of)

Light Grass (5 Of)

Dark Woods (5 Of)

Woods (5 of)

Brush (5 of)

SaltBush (5 of)

Jungle (5 of)

Orchard (5 of)

Pine Forest (5 of)

Brambles (5 of)

Low Hills (5 Of)

Brown Hills  (5 of)

Green Hills (5 of)

Hills (5 of)

Mountains (5 of)

Boulder Hills (5 of)

Pointy Hills (5 of)

Mud (5 of)

Rough (5 of)

Desert (5 of)

Desert Scrub (5 of)

Lakes (5 of)

Marsh (5 of)

Swamp (5 of)

Water (5 of)

Ocean (5 of)

Ice (5 of)

Snow (5 of)

Science Fiction Set A (5 of)

Science Fiction Set B (5 of)

Churches (5 of)

Cities (5 of)

Villages (5 of)

Sample Maps:

Code to render hexes (modify to suit your language)

XSCALE=56;   YSCALE=73;  

{ Dest Bitmap Coords for hex map X,Y }
 tx:= (XSCALE * (X-1));       ty:= (YSCALE * (Y-1));  

If (X Mod 2)=0 then ty:=ty + (YSCALE div 2);

Draw Hex at pixel  tx,ty  

You can download and use our hex map editor here:


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JungleHexes.zip 52 kB
Grass.zip 49 kB
Hills.zip 48 kB
Rough.zip 51 kB
Woods.zip 61 kB
Brush.zip 56 kB
Desert.zip 38 kB
DesertScrub.zip 57 kB
SaltBush.zip 58 kB
WoodsDark.zip 48 kB
LowHills.zip 52 kB
BrownHills.zip 48 kB
Ice.zip 38 kB
Snow.zip 17 kB
Mountains.zip 54 kB
Mud.zip 52 kB
Brambles.zip 59 kB
Orchards.zip 53 kB
LightGrass.zip 54 kB
ScienceFictionA.zip 45 kB
ScienceFictionB.zip 36 kB
BoulderHills.zip 54 kB
HillsGreen.zip 53 kB
Lakes.zip 55 kB
PineForest.zip 42 kB
PointyHills.zip 48 kB
Swamp.zip 50 kB
Marsh.zip 47 kB
Ocean.zip 43 kB
Water.zip 10 kB
Churches.zip 56 kB
Cities.zip 58 kB
Villages.zip 56 kB

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I really love your tileset! Just a note, Marsh 3 to 5 and Ocean 1 to 5 aren't transparent in the background!

(1 edit)

Thank you for the heads up, I have fixed them up now!

My bad, it wasn't ocean, it was Water 1-5. Thank you so much for your fast work anyway! 

Just made the changes to the water hex tiles as well now.